Raketa is all about integrations We are experienced, and we know exactly what needs to be done. Find out more about integrations on the following pages.

Integrations with suppliers


Raketa is already integrated with a number of suppliers. A corporate client gets the content right after signing up for the platform.

We may consider a request for integration with a new supplier if a corporate client wants one. If the demand on that supplier is not high enough, Raketa may reject it due to inexpedience.

Our multifunctional API gets a new supplier connected within two weeks.

For instance full integration with Amadeus Rail and Content Inn will be completed by October 2019 in order to reflect the needs of one of the clients of Raketa in Ukraine. Therefore the prospect Raketa customers in Ukraine will subsequently have access to issue Ukrzaliznytsia rail tickets and more than 300 hotels in Ukraine by default.

The process of integration

A client requests a new supplier

Raketa considers it and makes a decision

Raketa studies the supplier's API

Integration and testing


Integrations with ERP

Raketa is experienced with ERP integrations: 1C, Oracle, SAP and more.

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